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Designed for survey echography and ophthalmometry, fast and accurate measurement of the thickness of the central cornea (CST) and its periphery, correction of applanation tonometry.

Ophthalmic ultrasound system Sonomed VuPad

Production: USA

This device is designed for optical coherence tomography of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye, creates full-color photos of the fundus in high resolution. Thanks to OCT Triton plus, doctors can examine the vascular system of the eye in great detail, determine whether there are pathologies and make a more advanced analysis of the state of the retina and optic nerve.

Three-dimensional optical coherence tomograph OCT Triton plus with the functions of OCT angiography and fluorescent angiography (FA)

Production: Japan

Electroretinogram electrooculogram, visually evoked potentials, pattern-ERG, etc. electrophysiological studies of the functional state of the retina and optic nerve up to the cortical region.

Electroretinograph. Complex for electrophysiological studies EP-1000

Production: Germany

Conducting keratorefractometry.

The device is indispensable in the selection of contact lenses due to the possibility of keratometry not only of the central, but also of the peripheral area of the eye.

Autoceratorefractometer KR-1, Topcon

Production: Japan

Non-contact measurement of intraocular pressure with recalculation by the thickness of the cornea in the optical zone.

Automatic contactless tonometer CT-1P with corneal thickness measurement mode (pachymetry)

Production: Japan.

The Daytona scanning laser ophthalmoscope is designed for autofluorescence imaging of the retina with a wide field of view of at least 200 degrees in order to diagnose and monitor diseases and disorders whose signs appear on the retina.

Photographing the fundus.

Panoramic ophthalmoscope, 200T Daytona

Production: Great Britain.

Designed for keratometry of the eye in order to diagnose a number of eye diseases and the selection of optical lenses.

Righton autorefkeratometer, Speedy K2

Production: Japan

Non-surgical restoration of visual acuity in all forms of ametropia: myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism.

Devices are especially effective in severe forms of ametropia in childhood;
● Treatment of all forms of amblyopia, strabismus and nystagmus without restrictions on the severity of the disease and the age of patients;
● Correction in case of unsatisfactory results of refractive surgery.
● An ideal remedy to combat asthenopia.
"Amblyocor TM-01-ZrM"
Production: Russia

Ophthalmological simulator for the treatment of myopia, accommodation spasm, computer vision syndrome and prevention of these diseases and conditions. Its use is advisable in the complex treatment of amblyopia, as well as for the correction of age-related changes in the visual system.
Ophthalmic exercise machine-relaxer "Visotronic M3"
Production: Russia

It is used to treat and stabilize the myopic process, relieve spasm of accommodation, to prevent myopia (myopia) with weakened accommodation in children and adolescents; adult patients — with initial presbyopia (hyperopia), as well as with asthenopia (visual fatigue) caused by working with a computer, microscope, etc.

It can be used to stimulate the organ of vision in amblyopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, as well as as a postoperative rehabilitation agent.
The device is a trickle (Medoptics-TAK6.3)
Production: Russia

Designed to diagnose and treat hair loss. The definition of objective and subjective angular hairplasia is widely understood.
Synoptophor SYNPH-1
Production: Russia

Determination of contrast sensitivity,
tear film rupture time, subjective refraction for distance and proximity, assessment of the condition of the meibomian glands, which is necessary for the diagnosis of dry eye syndrome.
Autorefkeratometer HRK-9000A, Huvitz
Production: Korea

Kosmplex diagnostics of refractive errors, all diagnostic tests, selection of glasses and contact lenses.
Digital Sign Projector HDC-9000N/PF.
Workplace of an ophthalmologist HRT-7000
Production: Korea

Refractive lasers with a diagnostic laboratory.
Ophthalmic excimer laser system
Wave Light EX-500

Ophthalmic femtosecond laser system WaveLight FS-200
Production: USA
Refractive lasers with a diagnostic laboratory.
Ophthalmic system Wavelight Oculyzer II
Production: USA
Refractive lasers with a diagnostic laboratory.
The ophthalmological system Allegro Topolyzer VARIO
Production: USA

The system is designed for use in surgical procedures for the replacement of the lens with a small incision and intraocular lens injection (IOL).
Ophthalmological surgical system
Centurion® Vision System
Production: USA

The unit is designed for operations on both the anterior and posterior segment of the eye, vitrectomy and phacoemulsification, i.e. cataract removal.
The Constellation Vision System ophthalmological system is used for operations for various pathologies of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye.
Ophthalmological surgical system
Constellation Vision system
Production: USA

Intelligent support of cataract removal and implantation of intraocular lenses. Allows you to accurately measure the parameters of the eye before surgery, according to which the surgeon calculates the operation plan on the computer module.

Allows you to raise the safety and effectiveness of cataract phacoemulsification operations with IOL implantation and phacic IOL implantation operations with ultrahigh myopia to a high level!
VERION™ diagnostic device
Production: USA

Laser operations on the retina and anterior segment of the eyes.
INTEGREPRO-Y ophthalmic laser system (LP561)
Production: Australia
A combined two-wave laser. It is used for the treatment of glaucoma, secondary cataracts, vitreolysis and other diseases of the anterior segment.
Ophthalmic laser system TANGO REFLEX (LT510-T)
Production: Australia

Designed for retinal and glaucoma surgery, cataract treatment and corneal pathologies. Equipped with an integrated visualization system OCT ZEISS RESCAN 700, which allows you to visualize the structures of the eye to the smallest detail and in the correct physiological form.
OPMI Lumera 700 operating microscope
Production: Germany

Operating microscope.
OPMI Lumera 300 complete set
Production: Germany
International Scientific Center LUCY Eye Institute
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